Do Yellow Tinted Lens Help With Night Driving?

Yellow-tinted lenses are popular due to their purported advantages in nighttime driving. They are especially interesting to those who suffer from low vision in Charlotte, NC, since night driving is even harder with this eyesight problem. Opinions about the efficacy of yellow-tinted lenses vary, but there is enough anecdotal evidence to warrant serious consideration.

Main Advantage of Yellow-tinted Lenses in Eyeglasses

The main purported advantage of yellow-tinted lenses is their ability to enhance contrast and reduce glare. When driving at night, bright headlights and streetlights can create intense glare, leading to discomfort and decreased visibility, especially for those with low vision. The yellow tint may help filter out the scattered light, improving contrast and reducing glare, thereby enhancing overall visibility.

LED Headlights and Glare

One of the biggest challenges faced by those who suffer from low vision in Charlotte, NC, is the glare from the LED headlights that newer vehicles are outfitted with. While LED headlights offer energy efficiency and brightness advantages, they can also contribute to increased glare and discomfort for drivers, particularly those with low vision.

How Yellow-tinted Lenses Help Against Headlights

The specific wavelength of blue light emitted by LED headlights is known to be a major contributor to glare-related issues. Yellow-tinted lenses can mitigate the effects of this blue light as they selectively filter out shorter wavelengths. This selective filtering helps reduce the intensity of glare from oncoming headlights, making it easier for individuals with low vision—and even those without low vision—to maintain better visibility on the road.

If you want to test yellow-tinted lenses, talk to your optometrist in Charlotte, NC. You can learn more about whether they might help your night vision by booking an appointment today!