How Telescopic Glasses Can Help with Low Vision

Low vision can make completing everyday tasks challenging, from reading to driving to working on the computer. The good news is that telescopic glasses in Wilmington, NC can significantly improve your quality of life.

What Are Telescopic Glasses?

Telescopic lenses are miniature binoculars designed for people whose visual acuity is 0.3 or lower. Visual acuity is another term for visual clarity, or how well you can see objects up close and at a distance.

The lenses in these specialty glasses are thicker than you would find in standard glasses. When you look through your telescopic lenses in a certain way, images zoom into focus and become clearer. Also known as bioptic lenses, telescopic lenses attach to your regular glasses. You can also attach the lens to only the left or right side if you struggle with low vision in only one eye.

How to Use Your New Visual Aid

Getting used to wearing your telescopic lenses over your regular glasses takes a little time. You need to move your eyes in an upward direction or tilt your head to the left or right, depending on what you need to make clearer. Taking these actions allows you to look through the bioptic sight line for improved visual acuity.

The power of telescopic lenses

These miniature binoculars have four times the power of regular prescription eyeglasses. Imagine that you can only see objects clearly five feet in front of you, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses. Telescopic glasses increase that to 20 feet, which is especially important for driving. You want to be able to read road signs and see objects on the road clearly without having to be only feet away.

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