Things You will Learn During a Low Vision Evaluation

Do you struggle with low vision? If so, a low vision evaluation can be an excellent starting point to determine how an optometrist can help. If you schedule a low vision evaluation in Charlotte, NC, it can be helpful to know what to expect. Look at a few things you will learn about your eyes and vision during a low vision evaluation.

1. You will learn about eye structure issues

In many cases, structures within the eye or the external parts of the eye can be to blame for visual challenges. During the evaluation, the doctor will do an in-depth examination of both external and internal eye structures to point out what could be causing issues for you.

2. You will learn about many aspects of your vision

From visual acuity and depth perception to field testing and color vision, the low-vision evaluation will involve a comprehensive array of tests. These tests can help the doctor better understand what challenges you face with your vision and to what degree. This can help them offer recommended treatment options that may improve your visual quality and quality of life.

3. You will learn about treatment options that may help

Once the doctor has conducted the full spectrum of examinations and tests, they will take the time to discuss diagnoses and treatment. Many patients have access to one or more options that may help, such as low-vision aids or telescopic glasses.

Find Out More from a Low Vision Expert in Charlotte, NC

Struggling with low vision can be scary, but there may be ways that a low-vision optometrist in Charlotte, NC can help. A low-vision evaluation is a thorough evaluation that takes about an hour but can yield valuable insight. Contact us at the office of Dr. Edward Paul, OD, PhD to schedule an appointment for a low vision evaluation today.