Do Children Suffer From Low Vision

While low vision is most often the problem of senior adults, some children may have medical conditions resulting in low vision. See how we treat low vision in children at Dr. Edward Paul, OD, PhD and The Low Vision Centers of North Carolina.

What is Low Vision for Children

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) reports that about three percent of children in America are diagnosed with low vision every year. As your child ages and starts to read in school, they may experience signs of low vision.

What is low vision? Low vision is usually age-related and caused by a lack of light reaching the retina when in a normal setting. In addition, certain physical abnormalities in the eye and cornea can lead to low vision. Children who have genetic abnormalities may also suffer from low vision at an early age.

How to Test for Low Vision in Children

The way that we test for low vision in children is via a comprehensive eye and vision exam. Our eye doctors look for symptoms associated with low vision. In addition, children diagnosed with a structural abnormality or a vision impairment, such as farsightedness.

If your child shows any signs of an inability to see or read due to a lack of light in normal settings, consider a visit to the eye doctor. We can immediately test for low vision in children and set your child up for success with treatments and vision aids for low vision.

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