What Are Vision Aids for Low Vision

Anyone who struggles with seeing items clearly when reading a book, driving a car, or working in the garden should consider vision aids. Everyday life can be greatly improved, even basic tasks you struggle with–when choosing vision aids in North Carolina. See how Dr. Edward Paul, OD, PhD supports low vision with vision aids.

What Are Vision Aids

A vision aid is a device used by an individual with vision problems. Whether the patient cannot see close objects or has blurry vision when looking far away, vision aids offer a solution. The most common types of vision aids include:

  • Magnification lenses
  • Transition lenses
  • Bifocal and trifocal eyeglasses
  • High-tech aids, such as apps or electronic light-up devices

Patients can find the right type of vision aid at our local eye doctor in Charlotte, NC. The benefits of vision aids involve overall life improvement with social, motor skills, and learning performance.

What is Low Vision

When patients complain about seeing hazy or fuzzy imagery or words, they most likely have low vision. Low vision is a type of vision condition occurring in patients who need more light for their cones to work properly.

This is “eye science” and involves the inner workings of the eyeball and retina. For people with low vision, increasing the amount of light used when doing activities like reading a recipe will allow them to see what they could not see before.

Contact an Eye Doctor in Asheville, NC, for Low Vision Treatment

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